cooler heads will prevail

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Alternative forms[edit]


cooler heads will prevail

  1. People who are calm and focused are the most likely to succeed or to have the greatest influence on events.
    • 1993 July 2, Robin Finn, "Tennis: Hotheads Need Not Apply to the Men's Final Four," New York Times (retrieved 20 March 2014):
      The cooler heads will prevail when the top four men in the world do battle Friday in the semifinals at Wimbledon.
    • 2001, James J. Wirtz and Jeffrey A. Larsen (eds.), Rockets’ Red Glare: Missile Defenses and the Future of World Politics, →ISBN, page 11 (Google preview):
      This book assumes that cooler heads will prevail. Russian and American negotiators will find some way to accommodate the deployment of a modest interceptor force.

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