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Blend of copyright +‎ fight


copyfight (plural copyfights)

  1. A dispute over copyright.
    • 2005, Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper, Mark Stone, Open sources 2.0: the continuing evolution (page 150)
      Unless users and developers of open source software join the copyfight, they will find the new reality of copyright law restricting not just their freedom to play blockbuster movies, but also their core freedoms to write and run interdependent and interoperable software.
    • 2010, Patrick Burkart, Music and cyberliberties
      For participant-fans, they valorize interventionist and interruptive art and music that broaden the discussion of the copyfights raging within the culture industries.


copyfight (third-person singular simple present copyfights, present participle copyfighting, simple past and past participle copyfought)

  1. To engage in a dispute over copyright.