cork line

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cork line (plural cork lines)

  1. Alternative form of corkline
    • 1951, Senate Bills, Original and Amended - Volume 3, page 756:
      The cork line must not be submerged more than two fathoms below the surface of the water, the lines attaching the buoys or floats to the cork line must not be more than two fathoms in length, and the points of attachment of said lines on the cork line must not be more than 10 fathoms apart.
    • 1986, Sidney Wright, Curious Methods of Fishing in the World, page 138:
      As the cork line comes to an end we see another bladder, and beyond it enough rope to connect up the beginning of the second net.
    • 2013, Tom Hunt, Bad Water and Other Stories of the Alaskan Panhandle, →ISBN:
      Frank turned to Dan, “I noticed that just before we started joking with you that you seemed very interested in how I was hanging that cork line. I could teach you if you like?”