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Formed as cornet (the fifth commissioned officer in a troop of cavalry) +‎ -cy.



cornetcy (plural cornetcies)

  1. (military, historical) The rank, role, or position of a cornet.
    • 1761, A New and General Biographical Dictionary, volume 12, page 477, “Jod.”
      His uncle [] diverted him from that pursuit, and gave him a cornetcy in his own regiment.
    • 1809, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington [aut.], Lieutenant-Colonel John Gurwood [compil.], Wellington Despatches, volume 5, page 141
      I shall recommend your friend for an Ensigncy. Should you prefer a Cornetcy for him, I may be able to give him one.
    • 1885 May 9th, Manchester Evening News, page 3, column 1
      He was afterwards gazetted to a Cornetcy in the First Regiment of Life Guards.

Coordinate terms[edit]

  • ensigncy (equivalent in an infantry regiment)