cosmic bowling

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Introduced as a trademark of Brunswick Corp.


cosmic bowling (uncountable)

  1. An event at a bowling alley where the bowling takes place under special illumination, with lasers, music, etc.
    • 1998, Funworld (volume 14, page 96)
      For the uninitiated, cosmic bowling popped up on the west coast about a year ago and has slowly made its way east. It offers customers a chance to knock down a few pins in a jumping nightclub atmosphere.
    • 2001, Michael Levy, Barton A. Weitz, Retailing Management (page 197)
      Faced with a 40 percent decline in league bowling (the primary source of bowling center revenues and profits), Brunswick developed the Cosmic Bowling concept to attract young people to its centers. The target market for cosmic bowling is Generation Yers and Xers, people in the 18-to-34 demographic group; however, the retail concept works for youngsters and even senior citizens. The nightclub atmosphere draws lots of high school students who aren't old enough to attend clubs.
    • 2008, Rebecca Finlayson, Insiders' Guide® to Memphis (page 192)
      You'll find plenty of spots around Memphis to go bowling, most of them open until midnight during the week and into the wee hours on the weekends. All of them rent shoes, and most offer cosmic bowling, so you can play under wild, psychedelic lights during set hours.