cosmic neutrino background

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cosmic neutrino background (uncountable)

  1. (astronomy) The universe's background particle radiation composed of neutrinos.
    • 2014, [1]
      The importance of detecting Cosmic Neutrino Background is that, although detailed studies of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Cosmic Microwave Background give information of the early Universe at ~a few minutes old and ~300 k years old, respectively, observation of Cosmic Neutrino Background allows us to study the early Universe at ~1 s old.
    • 2013, [2].
      Information about earlier times can, in principle, be derived from the Cosmic Neutrino Background (relic neutrinos). The neutrinos decouple already about 1 second after the Big Bang at a temperature of around 1 MeV or 10^{10} Kelvin. Today their temperature is about 1.95 Kelvin. Registration of these neutrinos is an extremely challenging experimental problem, which can hardly be solved with the present technologies