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  1. Abbreviation of council.
    • 1866, “Appendix to Report of the Minister of Agriculture and Statistics: The Blue Book; or, Statement of the Public Service of Canada for the year 1864”, in Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, volume 26, page 7:
      Entered service of Leg. Coun. of U. C. May, 1822. Appointed Clerk Asst. to Leg. Coun. in 1841—Master in Chancery in 1851.
    • 1922 July 1, in A. Precott Folwell (editor), Public Works, Volume 53, Number 1, page 13:
      Ind., Goshen—Elkhart Co. Coun. approved road building program requiring $347,200 bond issue for hard surf. roads.
    • 2003, John Le Carré, Absolute Friends,[1][2] Little, Brown and Company (2004), →ISBN, page 176:
      “And we work full-time with the Brit. Coun.?”