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From Old French contrepois, contrepeser, later assimilated to poise.


counterpoise (plural counterpoises)

  1. A weight sufficient to balance another, as in the opposite scale of a balance; an equal weight.
  2. An equal power or force acting in opposition; a force sufficient to balance another force.
  3. The relation of two weights or forces which balance each other; equilibrium; equiponderance.



counterpoise (third-person singular simple present counterpoises, present participle counterpoising, simple past and past participle counterpoised)

  1. To act against with equal weight; to equal in weight; to balance the weight of; to counterbalance.
    • Sir K. Digby
      Weights, counterpoising one another.
  2. To act against with equal power; to balance.
    • Spenser
      So many freeholders of English will be able to beard and to counterpoise the rest.