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See also: coworker and co-worker


Alternative forms[edit]


Deliberate corruption of co-worker.


cow-orker (plural cow-orkers)

  1. (derogatory, humorous) co-worker
    • 1989, Charles Anderson, Re: Words (mundane),, [1]
      The above quote has been rated as gross, digusting, and tacky by my cow-orkers at work...are you a cow orker?
    • 1998, cluelessnewbie, Re: I give up on alt.slack, alt.slack, [2]
      At this point, my cow-orker got real pissed off and firmly and courageously said: Hey, as a result of channeling, I discovered I used to be a cow in a previous lifetime.
    • 2006, Richard Bos, Re: Casting malloc (was: Reading a string of unknown size), comp.lang.c, [3]
      You must be a popular cow-orker.