crèmes brûlée

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crèmes brûlée pl

  1. plural of crème brûlée
    • 2001, March: Cincinnati Magazine, volume 34, № 6, page 177
      Filomeno uses a torch to toast several crèmes brûlée, the final desserts of the night.
    • 2008: Steven B. Stern, Stern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation, page 511 (Pelican Publishing Company; →ISBN
      The menus may include appetizers of flash-cooked striped bass with toasted garlic/lemon juice and capers; an extravagant entrée called “Lobster, Lobster, Lobster and Lobster Sauce”; grilled venison with aged balsamic vinegar and foie gras sauce; vegetarian delights such as soy-glazed shiitake and gingered greens, crunchy Vidalia onions, and onion soubise; and fanciful desserts such as warm lemon soufflé tart and honey-lemon sorbet or a trio of crèmes brûlée (including jasmine, cappuccino, and classic vanilla).