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crap +‎ shoot


crapshoot (plural crapshoots)

  1. A game of craps.
  2. (US) A venture with a highly risky or unpredictable outcome.


  • 1951, August 11, Bill Smith, The Billboard, article El Rancho Gets Mucho Puncho as Middleton, Robbins Go Over Big, page 3:
    The audience, mixed up between corny tourists and the crap-shooting hepsters, yocked it up to make Robbins a solid hit.
  • 1971, September 10, Thomas Thompson, LIFE, article The Crapshoot for Half a Billion, page 47:
    … the new television season—the event called more bluntly “the half-billion-dollar crapshoot” by those who have made it and who now await blessing or malediction …
  • 2001, Joyce Carol Oates, Middle Age : A Romance, paperback edition, Fourth Estate, page 163:
    What a crapshoot, fatherhood. I played, and fucked it.
  • 2003, The West Wing, episode 5-04 Han:
    The negotiations are a crapshoot. Whole damn job's a crapshoot.