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crazy +‎ -ly


crazily (comparative more crazily, superlative most crazily)

  1. In a crazy manner.
  2. Very, extremely.
    • 2012, Football transfer rumours: Cristiano Ronaldo to City, United or PSG?, The Guardian:
      Word is the club's crazily rich Middle Eastern owner's have got wind of the player's sorrow and, according to Maxifoot, are preparing an offer "worthy of a pharaoh" for Ronaldo, who has long been considered a mummy's boy.
    • 2014, Europe's best secret seaside hotels, Condé Nast Traveller:
      With this crazily brilliant, pocket-sized hotel clinging like an eagle's lair to the cliffs just outside Sorrento, owner Marco DeLuca has created somewhere that's so much more than just a place to sleep.
    • 2020 December 2, Andy Byford talks to Paul Clifton, “I enjoy really big challenges...”, in Rail, page 50:
      We have worked crazily long hours and it has been gruelling, exhausting.