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From Latin cribrum (sieve) + -form.


cribriform (comparative more cribriform, superlative most cribriform)

  1. Perforated, as in the manner of a sieve.
    the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone; a cribriform compress
    • 1876, Edward Roth (translator), Jules Verne (author), All Around the Moon, ch. 11:
      "To conclude this portion of our investigation therefore," cried Barbican, clearing his throat, and occupying Aldan's right ear,—"the Moon's surface is a honey combed, perforated, punctured—"
      "A fistulous, a rugose, salebrous,—" cut in the Captain, close on the left.
      —"And highly cribriform superficies—" cried Barbican.
      —"A sieve, a riddle, a colander—" shouted the Captain.


Derived terms[edit]