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From Latin crinis (hair).


crinose (comparative more crinose, superlative most crinose)

  1. (rare) Hairy.
    • 1876, Victoria Magazine, volume 27, page 258:
      And when she emerges with the "killing" coiffure complete in every twist, and puff, and curl, what is left for man but to yield himself abjectly to admiration of the crinose superstructure, built after the manner of the hairy architecture employed by the ladies of equatorial Africa?
    • 1879, Mary Cowden Clarke, The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines: A Series of Fifteen Tales:
      Monna Marcella hastened to the scene of these reckless proceedings — not the crinose feats, but the tricks; not paradise, but the stony back-yard.
    • 1997 July 1, Andew Atkins, “Two new species of 'Trapezites' Hubner (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Trapezitinae) from eastern Australia”, in The Australian Entomologist, volume 24, number 1:
      Valvae long, quadriform to oval, distally pointed, sclerotized and crinose []
    • 2000, “Kane, a soldier servant”, in Ann Heilmann, Stephanie Forward, editors, Sex, Social Purity, and Sarah Grand: Selected shorter writings:
      I was going to say unobservant too, but those deep- sunk eyes of his looked out from under his bushy brows at times, and sparkled in a way that, taken with a slight quivering of the lips under his moustache, betrayed some change of expression disguised by that crinose mask, which suggested a doubt on the subject.

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