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cryo- +‎ -scope


cryoscope (plural cryoscopes)

  1. A device used to measure the freezing point of a liquid (or the melting point of a solid).
    • 1895, Harry C. Jones, “On the Cryoscopic Relations of Dilute Solutions of Cane-Sugar and Ethyl Alcohol”, in Philosophical Magazine, page 391:
      Since this work was undertaken, Raoult has kindly informed me that he has repeated his work with cane-sugar, using an improved cryoscope, constructed so as to prevent direct radiation from the freezing-mixture to the bulb of the thermometer.
    • 1953, Henry Droop Richmond, Richmond's Dairy Chemistry, page 126:
      It has been considered preferable to adhere to the apparent freezing point as determined by a standard cryoscope, rather than to confuse matters by attempting to apply corrections, which may or may not be themselves correct.

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