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Pyura stolonifera
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cunjevoi (plural cunjevois or cunjevoi)

  1. (Australia) A coastal sea squirt, Pyura stolonifera, found in some parts of Australia and South Africa.
    • 1993, A. J. Underwood, M. G. Chapman, Seashores: A Beachcomber's Guide, page 39,
      All along our coast, cunjevoi are destroyed by fishermen, who use them for bait and, as a result, the other animals and plants that live in association with them are also killed.
    • 2006, Frank Prokop, Australian Fish Guide[1], page 275:
      The cunjevoi is an unusual animal, being born as a larvae with a notochord or primitive backbone, before becoming attached to the rocks and growing its brown leathery coat. Cunjevoi grow in colonies and form their own ecosystem around them, from the absolute bottom of the lowest tide to above the half mean tide on exposed rocks.
    • 2011, Colin Graham Smith, Shadows of War[2], page 31:
      There were three types of natural bait: ugari, worms and cunjevois.

Derived terms[edit]