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cunty +‎ -ness


cuntiness (uncountable)

  1. (vulgar) the state or quality of being cunty
    • 1969, Myles Eric Ludwig. Golem: A Hero for Our Time, page 192.
      This one was a ball-cutter; give her an opening and she'd plunge the knife of her cuntiness into the heart of your sensitivity faster than Superman changes costumes.
    • 2006, Pat Mulligan. The Life and Times of a Hollywood Bad Boy, page 337.
      In my message, I spewed out all of the anger I had built up over the years – years of her bitchy, instigating and deliberate acts of cuntiness.
    • 2014, Babe Walker. Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book, page 208.
      Gen and I began a tradition of slapping each other, based on our own private Fujita scale of cuntiness. If either of us F-5 Bitch Storm, the other would slap her as hard as humanly possible.