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Alternative forms[edit]


cunt +‎ whore


cuntwhore (plural cuntwhores)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory, offensive) A woman.
    • 1999, Sue William Silverman, Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You[1], page 162:
      Only you could love this cuntwhore body.
    • 2001, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Three apples fell from heaven, link
      Me, a Christian girl whom they nominated devil's cunt and cuntwhore and infidel-bitch and wiping their boots on my hair swore I would be the bearer of a Mohammedan child into this world
    • 2009, Suki Khan, Pink Tiger and the Whore Liberation Front[2], page 103:
      So used to the teacup-sized cuntwhores of Perga was he that it was weird to see big women again.