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cyber- +‎ bully


cyberbully (plural cyberbullies)

  1. A bully who operates online, in cyberspace.
    • 2007, Teri Breguet, Frequently Asked Questions about Cyberbullying
      Typically, male cyberbullies use the computer more than the cell phone.


cyberbully (third-person singular simple present cyberbullies, present participle cyberbullying, simple past and past participle cyberbullied)

  1. (transitive) To bully online.
    • 2005, James Thomas Sears, Youth, Education, and Sexualities
      Another Internet concern is cyberbullying. LGBT youth sometimes are the targets of harassment by persons (usually other students) who use the Internet...
    • 2008, Rita Cheminais, Every Child Matters
      Around one-third of those being cyberbullied told no one about the bullying.