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cyber- +‎ classroom


cyberclassroom (plural cyberclassrooms)

  1. The virtual classroom in which cyberteaching is imagined to take place.
    • 1996, Chuck Davis, The Greater Vancouver book
      ...more than 125 researchers at 28 universities and other organizations established to convert the information highway into a global cyberclassroom.
    • 2000, Eric B Gorham, The theater of politics
      Finally, and by means of contrast, new forms of education, such as cyberclassrooms, distance education...
    • 2001, Barry Alford, Keith Kroll, The politics of writing in the two-year college
      In cyberclassrooms, how do you know when a student's hand is raised?
    • 2002, Wilbert James McKeachie, Stephen F Davis, Charles L Brewer, William Buskist, The teaching of psychology
      ...taking responsibility for moving the learning process forward promotes community in the cyberclassroom.
    • 2007, Philip G Altbach, Tradition and Transition: The International Imperative in Higher Education
      Are professors entitled to academic freedom in the cyberclassroom?