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cyber- +‎ discourse


cyberdiscourse (countable and uncountable, plural cyberdiscourses)

  1. (social sciences) Discourse (institutionalised thinking) in cyberspace.
    • 2003, George W Noblit, Beth Hatt-Echeverria, The future of educational studies
      On the other hand, while net communities are virtually interconnected, cyberdiscourse is not exempted from parochialism.
    • 2004, Stephen Cairns, Drifting: architecture and migrancy‎
      Cyberdiscourse is rich in imperial metaphors figuring the early days of cyberspace as the "frontier" or "Wild West".
    • 2006, Kin-yuen Wong, Gary Westfahl, Amy Kit-sze Chan, World weavers: globalization, science fiction, and the cybernetic revolution‎
      Cyberdiscourses also join forces with the latest developments of informatic theories, technoscience hermeneutics, and cyberfeminist agendas...