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cyber- +‎ girl


cybergirl (plural cybergirls)

  1. A girl who is active in cyberspace; a young female Internet user, especially one who publishes.
    • 2002, Catherine Driscoll, Girls: Feminine Adolescence in Popular Culture and Cultural Theory
      Cybergirls intersect with riot grrls as a mode of do-it-yourself girl expression []
    • 2006, Gail Giles, Playing in Traffic
      I leaned over her shoulder to see two cybergirls yanking out each other's hair. Katy was typing insults that appeared onscreen.
    • 2006, Sidney Eve Matrix, Cyberpop: digital lifestyles and commodity culture
      For a cinematic critique that considers the social impact of the cybergirl cultural phenomenon, see Andrew Niccols' cautionary tale []
    • 2007, Nadine Dolby, Fazal Rizvi, Youth moves: identities and education in global perspective
      Thomas's analysis of adolescent cybergirls' representation of self within the online world of "the palace," links talk, image, and identity []
    • 2008 February 21, Stephanie Rosenbloom, “Sorry, Boys, This Is Our Domain”, in New York Times[1]:
      Explanations for the gender imbalance are nearly as wide-ranging as cybergirls themselves.