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From cyber- +‎ loser.


cyberloser (plural cyberlosers)

  1. (very rare) A loser on the Internet.
    • 1996, CIO (volume 9, number 11, 15 March 1996), cover story
      Are You a Cyberuser or a Cyberloser?
    • 2008, Matthew Fraser, Soumitra Dutta, Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom
      Meanwhile, cyberlosers who rip off profiles are increasingly being upbraided with angry messages []
    • 2010, Neil Richardson, Ruth M Gosnay, A Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing (page 30)
      FakeYourSpace brazenly offers to 'turn cyberlosers into social magnets' by populating users' walls with physically attractive 'friends'. The site ran into legal problems after complaints that it was using photographs of fashion models []