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cyber- +‎ savvy


cybersavvy (comparative more cybersavvy, superlative most cybersavvy)

  1. (informal) Savvy with regard to computers or the Internet; technologically knowledgeable.
    • 1998, Richard Davis, Diana Marie Owen, New Media and American Politics
      We may be in store for a new era of cybersavvy candidates who campaign well online, limiting the pool of potential leaders.
    • 2000, PC Mag (volume 19, number 20, page 13)
      Want to know more about where your cybersavvy teenagers are spending their time on the Web?
    • 2006, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Frommer's Ireland from $90 a Day
      In cybersavvy Dublin, public-access terminals are in shopping malls, hotels, and hostels throughout the city center.