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cyber +‎ -wear


cyberwear (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Clothing and accessories that offer cyber features or capabilities.
    • 1994, Douglas Rushkoff, Cyberia: life in the trenches of hyperspace
      At noon, she'll take off her cyberwear and enjoy a sensual, tasty lunch with her family in their nonelectronic kitchen.
    • 1997, National Research Council (U.S.), More than screen deep
      Consider David Warner, who makes his rounds in a "cyberwear" buzz suit that captures information from his patients' monitors...
    • 2000, Sarah L Holloway, Gill Valentine, Children's geographies: playing, living, learning
      Taking off our cyberwear to confront another with naked eyeballs will be a precious personal appearance.
    • 2002, Sheila P Englebardt, Ramona Nelson, Health care informatics: an interdisciplinary approach
      These essays project trends in networked technologies, cyberwear, virtual beings, ubiquitous user-aware software, and a host of other futuristic tools...