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daddie (plural daddies)

  1. (often Scotland) Alternative form of daddy
    • 1908, Ethel Turner, In the Mist of the Mountains[1]:
      "No," said Pauline sadly, "they've gone to New Zealand,--mamma got quite ill with nursing us, and daddie got it too, and he wouldn't come up here."
    • 1894, Hall Caine, The Manxman[2]:
      "Come to your ould daddie, you lil sandpiper.
    • 1806, Walter Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, Vol. II (of 3)[3]:
      Says--"Carterhaugh it is mine ain; "My daddie gave it me; "I'll come and gang to Carterhaugh, "And ask nae leave o' thee."