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dandiacal (comparative more dandiacal, superlative most dandiacal)

  1. Dandyish; like a dandy.
    • 1911, Max Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson:
      For in him the dandiacal temper had been absolute hitherto, quite untainted and unruffled.
    • 2010, Peter Coleman, Quadrant, March 2010, No. 464 (Volume LIV, Number 3), Quadrant Magazine Limited, page 87:
      That open neck that met with Hilton Kramer's bourgeois disapproval, like the Harley Davidson Bob affected, may remind us of that ocker strain which the dandiacal Barry Humphries caught in his comment: "There is no truth in the rumour that Les Patterson has been admitted to a funny farm and has changed his name to Robert Hughes."