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From Ancient Greek δασύς (dasús, hairy, dense) + πυγή (pugḗ, buttocks).


dasypygal (comparative more dasypygal, superlative most dasypygal)

  1. (rare) Having hairy buttocks.
    • 1859 January 11, Professor Owen, “On the External Characters of the Gorilla”, in Transactions of the Zoological Society of London[1], page 276:
      In the Dasypygal division the Orangs (genus Pithecus, Geoffr.) manifest, agreeably with their geographical position, the nearest aflinities with the Scleropyga, in the length of the upper limbs and the proportionally small size of the hallux: the Chimpanzees (genus Troglodytes, Geoffr.) show the higher position in the proportions of the upper limbs to the trunk, the large size of the hallux, and other characters set forth in the present and former memoirs on the Anthropoid or Dasypygal Apes.
    • 1993, Steve Abbott, The lizard club, page 111:
      Oh you think so, huh, you dasypygal dickhead!
    • 1997, Gregory A. Landrum, Electronic Structure and Bonding in Molecules, Intermetallic Phases, and Other Extended Systems:
      The situation is even more of a dasypygal mess when the atoms being considered possess d orbitals (for example, it is not immediately obvious what effect a four-fold rotation about the x axis has on a dz2 orbital).

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