date rapist

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date +‎ rapist




date rapist (plural date rapists)

  1. A person that commits date rape, typically male perpetrator that commits a form of sexual assault or coercion upon an new acquaintance during what is usually a first date, either by force or with the assistance of a date rape drug
    • 1994. "Date Rape"
      T. here is no such thing as the typical date rapist.
    • 2009. "Sex and Society Volume 1"
      The date rapist often plans a date intending to have sex with the woman.
    • 2011. "Sex, Love, and Friendship"
      Since dating behaviors are derived from the prostitution model, date rape, instead of being a crime of violence, ... The date rapist is confused.
    It is very easy to fall prey to a date rapist if you are attractive and alone in a bar in a new city.

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