dead against

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Alternative forms[edit]


dead against (comparative more dead against, superlative most dead against)

  1. Unequivocally and intransigently opposed to.
    • 1828, James Silk Buckingham, The Oriental Herald[1], page 410:
      We had hauled up here to the S.W., in order to go sharp round the southern extreme of the Maldiva Archipelago, and, if possible, proceed by the northern, or short route, and run our westing down in 4° or 5° south latitude ; but, as we got to the westward, we found the wind more dead against us, so that we were obliged to steer south again.
    • 2005, Paul Whitelaw, Belle and Sebastian: Just a Modern Rock Story[2], page 260:
      “The person who was most dead against playing the game was Stuart,” says Mick. “But he’s definitely a lot more relaxed about it these days.”