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de- +‎ breast


debreast (third-person singular simple present debreasts, present participle debreasting, simple past and past participle debreasted)

  1. (transitive) To remove the breasts from.
    • 1978, Brajkishore Prasad, India Regained: A Dynastic Rule and the '77 Democratic Revolution, page 224:
      The order was given to debreast that young sweeper. The subordinates slashed the innocent sweeper's breasts.
    • 1991, Bruce Lincoln, Death, War, and Sacrifice, page 199:
      Although it is often said elsewhere that this debreasting was done so that in maturity Amazons might be able to draw bowstrings unimpeded across their chests, the passage I have quoted offers a different explanation []
    • 2002, Rita Copeland, David Lawton, Wendy Scase, New medieval literatures (volume 5, page 122)
      Thus, in images of St Agatha's debreasting, artists often represent only the removal of a single breast, to the martyr's right, signalling a typological connection with Christ's wound []
    • 2005, Phillip Gaustad, Carlocito, page 8:
      She yelped, ripped me off her chest and flung me so hard against the wall my eyes went out of focus. “Charlie,” she yelled, sitting up and frantically looking down the front of her nightie, acting as though I'd debreasted her or something.