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de- +‎ certify



decertify (third-person singular simple present decertifies, present participle decertifying, simple past and past participle decertified)

  1. (transitive) To annul the certification of.
    • 2003, Patrick Keku, Tunde Akingbade, Traveler's Guide to Living in Nigeria: Security and Travel Tips
      Nigeria was tagged as a transit-route of drug carriers. This prompted the United States government to decertify the country.
  2. (transitive, industrial relations) To annul a labor union.
    • 1988 November 11, Michael Miner, “Strike Accord at the Tribune; Is the Sun-Times Next?”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      As Sallas immediately said, the 130 scabs who so easily replaced the striking printers in '85 won't be foisted upon the union--to degrade it and possibly decertify it.