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deck +‎ house



deckhouse (plural deckhouses)

  1. A cabin that protrudes above a ship's deck.
    • 1907, Harold Bindloss, chapter 5, in The Dust of Conflict[1]:
      Flinging himself on hands and knees he dragged the girl down with him. As he did so two of her companions came sliding down to their assistance, and the four glissaded back to the deckhouse as the following roll began.
    • 2008 January 4, Wendy Moonan, “The Auction Block Is the Next Stop for a Well-Traveled Lady”, in New York Times[2]:
      Then, through his web of contacts, he was told that the Nightingale’s original deckhouse was being used as a cottage on a private island outside of Kragero, Norway, a shipbuilding port.



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