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de- +‎ dust


dedust (third-person singular simple present dedusts, present participle dedusting, simple past and past participle dedusted)

  1. (transitive) To remove the dust from.
    • 1949, “Lost in the Andes!”, in Donald Duck:
      Today, janitor Duck, you'll polish the stones! [] This collection of rubble from the ancient Inca ruins of Peru has been gathering dust for sixty years! Dedust it!
    • 2015 July 15, Gang Zhou et al., “Effects of Oxygen Element and Oxygen-Containing Functional Groups on Surface Wettability of Coal Dust with Various Metamorphic Degrees Based on XPS Experiment”, in Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry[1], volume 2015, →DOI:
      Therefore, it is important to study wet dedusting to achieve higher dust removal efficiency on the fully mechanized face.