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defacto (plural defactos)

  1. Alternative form of de facto
    • 1992, University of New South Wales Aboriginal Law Research Unit, Aboriginal Law Bulletin, Issue 31, unidentified page,
      Homicide, assault, rape, and suicide occur as a result of Aboriginal men′s fear of loss of a valued relationship and jealousy over their wives or defactos.
    • 2001, Richard T. Schaefer, Sociology: A Brief Introduction:
      Demographers in Denmark call the practice of living together marriage without papers. In Australia, these couples are known as defactos
    • 2001, Jude McCulloch, Blue Army: Paramilitary Policing in Australia, page 51,
      The police role [] has tended to exclude a whole class of people — wives, defactos, girlfriends and daughters, or past wives, defactos and girlfriends from the protection of the criminal law, too often with tragic consequences.
    • 2007, Jo Barnes, 4: Murder Followed by Suicide in Australia, 1973—1992: A research note, Diane Kholos Wysocki, Readings in Social Research Methods, page 36,
      Of the 250 victims in this sample, 50.4 percent were or had been in an intimate relationship with the offender (intimates are defined as present and past spouses, defactos and lovers).

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  1. dative/ablative masculine/neuter singular of dēfactus