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definition by pointing (plural definitions by pointing)

  1. (semantics) Ostensive definition.
    • 1950, Richard Robinson, Definition[1]:
      The peculiar advantages of definition by pointing are only two. First, it is available before any other method is, namely, at the beginning of each symbolizer's life.
    • 1954, F.A. Philbrick, Understanding English: An Introduction to Semantics[2]:
      Ampere is likewise incapable of definition by pointing and has to be defined ...
    • 1964, Ronald Christensen, Foundations of Inductive Reasoning[3]:
      He argues that independent of any verbal definitions, we know the meaning of blue and green, say through a definition by pointing.
    • 1976, Peter T. Manicas, Arthur N. Kruger, Logic: The Essentials[4]:
      Closely related to definition by pointing is definition by examples. Using this method to define "suspension bridge," one might mention the Brooklyn Bridge, ...



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