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de- +‎ gomble (accretion of snow)


degomble (third-person singular simple present degombles, present participle degombling, simple past and past participle degombled)

  1. (Antarctica) To remove accreted snow before entering a building.
    • 2008, hafital, “Sastrugi”, in Highlander Fiction Automated Archive[1]:
      Macleod grinned. "What's wrong? Do you have your monk-on or something? Did you forget to degomble? A little too much big eye? Tired? Need to find your donga?"
    • 2010, Marsh, Carole, The Mystery in Icy Antarctica:
      Dr. Orlav's mustache was frozen stiff with icicles hanging from the tips. The scientist yelled above the wind, "Be sure to de-gomble before we get in the Hagglund!"
    • 2015, Alten, Steve, Vostok:
      A sign was posted in English, Chinese, German, and French: All Personnel must DEGOMBLE before entering dome. Ben translated. “They want us to brush off the powdered snow.”


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