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Man in his new demob suit


demob suit (plural demob suits)

  1. (Britain) A suit of civilian clothes issued to a soldier upon demobilization, especially at the end of World War II.
    • 2014, David Nelson, On the Run, →ISBN:
      Joe looked very smart in his demob suit and newly trimmed beard and seemed to be just as excited as his bride-to-be.
    • 2014, Ian Hamilton, A Touch of Treason, →ISBN:
      A grateful country gave me a demob suit, a piece of paper from the King thanking me for my service, and a pamphlet telling me what to do next, which I tore up.
    • 2018, Lorna Gray, The War Widow, →ISBN:
      His toned physique perhaps indicated that he had recently returned from his duties in foreign climes, although his hair wasn't cropped short in the military style and his suit wasn't the standard shapelessness of the Government Issue demob suit.