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Alternative forms[edit]


de- +‎ monetize


  • (UK) IPA(key): /diːˈmʌnətaɪz/, /diːˈmʊnətaɪz/


demonetize (third-person singular simple present demonetizes, present participle demonetizing, simple past and past participle demonetized)

  1. To withdraw the status of legal tender from a coin (etc.) and remove it from circulation.
  2. To declare ineligible or worthless as a medium of exchange or as legal tender.
    • 1943 Post Office Department, U.S., A Description of United States Postage Stamps Issued by the Post Office Department from July 1, 1847, to April 1, 1945 [sic]. Washington: United States Government Printing Office; p4: Stamps of 1847 and 1851 Demonetized /
      These stamps are obsolete and worthless for postage. A reasonable time after hostilities began in 1861 was given for the exchange of stamps in the hands of the public and for the replacement of post office stocks. Their acceptance in the prepayment of postage was ordered discontinued in the several States and Territories, [...].
  3. (Internet content) To stop paying for (the content).
    The site has the ability to demonetize a video.


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