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de- +‎ net


denet (third-person singular simple present denets, present participle denetting, simple past and past participle denetted)

  1. (transitive, publishing) To reduce the price of (a book) below its agreed-upon net value with the publisher.
    • 1993, Joseph Whittaker, Whitaker's Almanack, page 1142:
      What prompted the demise of the agreement was the action of a number of publishers who 'denetted' the price of their books.
    • 1994, Cathy Stewart, The European Media Industry: Fragmentation and Convergence in Broadcasting and Publishing:
      Recent changes in the retail situation now allow denetting of a book six months after publication rather than after a year.
    • 1995, Indian Book Industry, volume 24, page 76:
      Yet the NBA is still in place, the PA has moved to prevent publishers from supplying BCA's club shops, and the threat from groups such as Costco has diminished. Even Hodder Headline's denetting initiative has not led to the kind of price war among booksellers that many feared.
    • 2013, John B. Thompson, Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century:
      In September the Publishers Association announced that it would defend the NBA and the following day Tim Helly Hutchinson — then CEO (chief executive officer) of Hodder Headline — announced that he was going to de-net their books on the day after Christmas.