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deplatform (third-person singular simple present deplatforms, present participle deplatforming, simple past and past participle deplatformed)

  1. (transitive, formal) To prevent someone from utilizing a platform to express their opinion.
    Synonym: no-platform
    • 2017, Barry R. Harker, It’s Sunday in America, →ISBN, page 28:
      The Western trend to deplatform or disinvite campus speakers, whose views are considered objectionable, is in full swing.
    • 2018, George Hawley, The Alt-Right, Oxford University Press (→ISBN), page 125:
      In 2017, The Daily Stormer was at the center of a new effort to deplatform the extreme elements of the Alt-Right from the Internet.
    • 2019, Mark Dice, The Liberal Media Industrial Complex, Mark Dice (→ISBN)
      Defame, demonetize, and deplatform is their M.O.
    • 2020 November 12, Arielle Pardes, “Inside Parler, the Right's Favorite 'Free Speech' App”, in Wired[1], ISSN 1059-1028:
      There are only two rules on Parler, the “free-speech” social network: First, nothing criminal. Second, no spam. Other than that, you can post what you want, the site advertises, “without fear of being ‘deplatformed’ for your views.”