depressive black metal

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depressive black metal (uncountable)

  1. A subgenre of black metal that focuses on slow, repetitive instrumentation and depressive or suicidal lyrics and imagery.
    • January 22, 2001, marchisio, “Re: Depressing Black Metal”, in, Usenet[1]:
      The first MCD was sometimes really depressive, and the new full-length CD (out March/May 2001) will be definitively pure Depressive Black Metal, something in between Abyssic Hate, old Katatonia, old Burzum, Dolorian.
    • August 1, 2003, Convivial Hermit, “various stuff for sale”, in, Usenet[2]:
      Dunkel - Evighed (depressive black metal in the Burzum vein - rare tape!) $6
    • October 6, 2003, O.T., “Tour de Garde mail order.”, in, Usenet[3]:
      - FORGOTTEN TOMB "Songs to Leave" CD (great depressive black metal) 15$
    • 2009, Dominic Fox, Cold World: The Aesthetics of Dejection and the Politics of Militant Dysphoria, O Books, page 47
      For in spite of the opposition of authentic inner “strength” to corrupt, worldly “weakness” that often characterises depressive black metal artists’ statements of intent, it is not inner resolve that protects the listener from despair but a failure of rational consisency.
    • The SPIN 20 in SPIN, September 2011 edition, SPIN Media LLC, page 30:
      Our recent discovery of a blog dedicated to “depressive black metal” We guess the music sounds neat.
    • 2013, Drew Daniel, The Melancholy Assemblage: Affect and Epistemology in the English Renaissance, Fordham University Press, page 241:
      Active since 1997, Sin Nanna currently resides in Hobart, Tasmania, where he records and releases LPs, CDs, and DVDs to an avid global fan base of devotees of “depressive black metal,” a style of extreme heavy metal centered upon lyrical themes of ennui, abjection, and mourning.