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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of debt +‎ equity


dequity (uncountable)

  1. (finance) Securities characterized by attributes of both fixed-income and equity securities.
    • 1991, Andrew H. Chen; John W. Kensinger, Innovations in dequity financing:
      This book is the first to fully examine the many recent financial innovations that have blended the traits of debt and equity and created the hybrid security known as dequity.
    • 1996, Ken Robbie; Mike Wright, Management buy-ins: entrepreneurship, active investors, and corporate restructuring, page 4:
      For example quasi-debt (or dequity) instruments, such as redeemable preference shares, carry obligations and incentives to perform in order that the shares may be repurchased
    • 1996, Richard S. Wilson; Frank J. Fabozzi, Corporate bonds: structures & analysis, page 96:
      They can be designed with debt-like features so as to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service that they are debt instruments, not equity (or "debtquity" as some refer to junk bonds).
    • 2005, Georgette Chapman Poindexter, Dequity: the blurring of debt and equity in secruitized real estate financing:

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