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desireable +‎ -ness


desireableness (uncountable)

  1. nonstandard form of desirableness.
    • 1798 [1991], Charles Brockden Brown, Wieland, [1] (not in Project Gutenberg's edition)
      Meanwhile the desireableness of an interview with Carwin again returned, and I finally resolved to seek it.
    • 1998, Philip F Cramer, Deep Environmental Politics[2]:
      The lesson Naess attempts to preach is that even deep ecologists, who detest economic growth, need to be able to discuss it because those attempting to degrade the environment often refer to the necessity and desireableness of economic growth to support themselves.
    • 2001, Mark S. Weiner, “Teutonic Constitutionalism,” in Foreign in a Domestic Sense, Christina Duffy Burnett, Burke Marshall edd. [3]
      “Patriotic and intelligent men may differ widely as to the desireableness of this or that acquisition,” asserted Justice Brown, “but this is solely a political question. [...]”