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  1. present participle of detail


detailing (plural detailings)

  1. gerund of detail
    • 2009 May 17, Paul Greenberg, “The Oceans’ Junkyards”, in New York Times[1]:
      Less successful are the flotsam-y parts of the book — the arbitrary releases about Ebbesmeyer’s career struggles or the detailings of one too many garbage finds.
  2. Ornamentation on something that has been constructed.
    • 1979, the Consumers Union, Funerals: consumers' last rights, →ISBN:
      Provided are matching satin ribbon detailings, topped with an embroidered floral bouquet in delicate contrasting shades.
    • 1982, Railroad Model Craftsman - Volume 51, page 108:
      Terrific, new detailings including see-through full length walkway and platforms with special tank train end couplings
    • 1999, Brian Butko & Kevin Joseph Patrick, Diners of Pennsylvania, →ISBN, page 36:
      In 1963, the Penrose owners traded up to a giant DeRaffele unsurpassed in exaggerated detailings, including a towering, steel A-frame entryway and crinkle-cut, folded-plate eaves.
    a dress with elaborate neck detailings
  3. careful cleaning and refurbishing of an automobile, aircraft, boat, etc.