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  1. past participle of detartrate
    • 2003, Vincent Amanor-Boadu et al., The U.S. Processing Grape Juice Industry:
      Grape juice ... is the only fruit juice that cannot be concentrated immediately after pressing because of the presence of potassium salts, commonly called tartrates, in the juice that cannot be filtered or centrifuged out. They have to be detartrated by gravity, a process that usually takes about six weeks.
    • 1963, Association of Food Technologists, Reviews in Food Science and Technology, page 159:
      In a large plant in California, the juice is first stored in large tanks under refrigeration. It is then partially detartrated by the ion exchange process.
    • 1943, California Agricultural Experiment Station, University of California, Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of California, p. 113:
      Freshly made concentrate should be detartrated by storage in a settling tank for a week or two before use.


detartrated (not comparable)

  1. From which tartrates have been reduced or removed through a detartration process.
    • 1998, Giuseppe Mazza, John Shi, M. Le Maguer, Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects, p. 147:
      The detartrated juice that is to be preserved by pasteurization must be treated with bentonite in order to remove proteins which form an undesirable haze upon heating.
    • 1959, Purdue University Dept. of Engineering, Extension Series, page 799:
      In each case the coagulant was added to 200 ml of the detartrated floe.
    • 1947, William Vere Cruess, The Principles and Practice of Wine Making, page 41:
      The detartrated cold wine is filtered in Gasquet filters, with addition of filter aid if needed. The detartrated wine may or may not be pasteurized, as its condition may indicate.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Detartrated is noted for being one of the longest palindromic words in the English language.