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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Sanskrit देवप्रश्न (devapraśna).


devaprasnam (plural devaprasnams)

  1. (Hinduism) An astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods.
    • 1992, Kunissery Ramakrishnier Vaidyanathan, Sri Krishna, the Lord of Guruvayur:
      A deva prasnam conducted in July 1975 revealed that the image had been consecrated by a saint from Tirupati more than one thousand years ago.
    • 2006, Pakistan & Gulf Economist, vol. 25, p. 109:
      The temple has been in the news since June when astrologer Panicker maintained that the ‘devaprasnam’ had revealed to him that the temple had been ‘defiled’ two decades ago.
    • 2012, Jake Halpern, "The Secret of the Temple", The New Yorker, 30 Apr 2012:
      As the citizens of Trivandrum debated what to do about Vault B, the royal family and officials from the temple invited a group of astrologers to hold a four-day ceremony, known as a Devaprasnam, in order to ascertain the will of the deity.