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  1. (chiefly Scotland) did not
    • 2010, Karen Campbell, Shadowplay, Hachette UK →ISBN
      'But I didny fucking do it.'
      'Didny do what? Didny stalk me through the woods?
    • 2011, Anges Owens, Agnes Owens: The Complete Novellas, Birlinn →ISBN
      'I thought ye didny know the barman's name.'
      'I knew his name. It wis ma freen' here that didny.'
    • 2012, Edwin Morgan, New Selected Poems, Carcanet →ISBN
      Well, I got going, then the other two, but if you ask me they didny do much, they'd had a right skinful and they were – anyhow, I don't remember much after that, it all goes a bit hazy.

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