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A didukh
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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Ukrainian дідух (didux, grandfather spirit), from дід (did) + дух (dux).


didukh (plural didukhs)

  1. A Ukrainian Christmas decoration representing an offering of the best of the harvest, and consisting of wheat ears or stalks tied up with colorful threads.
    • 1994, Jo Marie Powers, Ukrainian-Canadian Breads: Shape, Symbolism and Spirituality, Harlan Walker (editor), Look and Feel: Studies in Texture, Appearance and Incidental Characteristics of Food, page 150,
      Before the meal begins the head of the household brings in a sheaf of wheat called the Didukh (from grandfather), a symbol of good harvest, which is usually placed in front of an icon.
    • 1997, Ann Ball, Catholic Traditions in the Garden[1], page 79:
      The didukh is a sheaf of grain made from the best wheat or grain of the field. It is decorated with flowers, ribbons, a small wreath of sweet basil and other herbs, or an embroidered towel. At Christmas, the didukh is carried into the home amid traditional greetings of "Christ is born!"
    • 2013, William D. Crump, Ukraine, article in The Christmas Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition, page 420,
      The spirits of all family members, living and dead, are believed to reside in the didukh, which also symbolizes eternal life through Christ, the fertility of the land, and bread as the staff of life.