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digitated (comparative more digitated, superlative most digitated)

  1. (botany) Having several leaflets arranged, like the fingers of the hand, at the extremity of a stem or petiole. Also, in general, characterized by digitation.
    • 1913, Charles Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage Round the World[1]:
      In Brazil I have often admired the varied beauty of the bananas, palms, and orange-trees contrasted together; and here we also have the bread-fruit, conspicuous from its large, glossy, and deeply digitated leaf.
      1904, Robert W. Chambers, In Search of the Unknown[2]:
      The other pair of limbs terminate in something that, from the single instance I experienced, seemed to resemble soft but firm antennae or, perhaps, digitated palpi--" "Feelers!"
    • 1897, William Thomas Fernie, Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure[3]:
      From the large digitated leaves an extract is made which has proved of service in whooping-cough, and of which from one-third to half a teaspoonful may be given for a dose.
    • 1895, Thomas Gwyn Elger, The Moon[4]:
      Its massive central mountain, surmounted by many peaks, occupies a considerable area on the floor, and exhibits a digitated outline at the base.